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Walk Wakefield

Group walks for people looking to connect with themselves, others and nature.

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Breathe fresh air. Commune with nature. Connect with yourself and others.

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Accessible Stroll

Good for those with a stroller, wheelchair or other assistive technology, these "walks" are on paths that are flat, paved and wide.

Meet new people while you get a breath of fresh air.

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Walking Meditation

Increase your patience, joy and ability to notice small pleasures. Smell the pines. Listen to the birds. Feel the wind on your skin. See the forest and the trees. Use the silence to hone your senses.

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Take a hike

These longer walks will get the heart rate up and blood flowing! Being in nature is the perfect way to get some exercise. Varied terrain best covered in pants and hikers. Plan to be out for at least 3 hours.

X% of profits support trail maintenance

Walk Wakefield would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who build and maintain the trails. Sentiers Wakefield Trails is a chartered not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting trail creation, maintenance and associated activities in the Wakefield/La Peche area. Ten percent of all profits go to them with deep gratitude for their vision and commitment.


We meet at public places in Wakefield





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