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Worry-free walks

A few tips on what to bring

Walking is a great way to get fresh air, exercise and social time. To ensure it's as safe and healthy as can be, here are a few tips about what to bring with you.

Man smiling with rain coat and back pack

Water. Most importantly, bring some water in a re-usable bottle. Stop by the Wakefield Spring on your way home for a refreshing top-up.

Snacks. We provide some snacks on most of the walks, so ask your host if you get a bit peckish. A handful of nuts, an apple or dried fruit offer a great boost while you're out.

Cellphone. It's a step counter, a time teller, a camera, a compass and great in case of emergencies! It can also be a distraction from the otherwise immersive experience. If you can, turn off the ringer and tuck it away. Your nervous system will thank you!

Bug spray. Ticks have been an increasing problem in this part of the world. In Spring, mosquitoes are also out in full force. Even when it's hot, wear long pants, socks, sneakers or hiking boots, long sleeves, and a hat to prevent uncomfortable bites with potential long term consequences. Lyme is no joke!

Sunscreen. For best results, and fewer things to carry, apply at home.

Backpack. A small backpack with not too much in it is a great place to store layers as you shed them.

A raincoat. We'll still go if there's a bit of rain. If that's too much adventure for you, no problem, we can reschedule you to a future date. If the walk is cancelled due to rain, you'll be notified an hour before the walk.

A sense of humour. When setting off for group adventures, one never knows what or who they may encounter. While a little bit of grace is always handy, please let the host know of any off-colour "humour" or inappropriate behaviour. Our aim is for everyone to have a good time!

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